Animal Crossing:New Leaf

Okay, first review ever. Let’s see how this goes.


I wouldn’t call myself a casual gamer, I prefer games that draw me in and have to focus on and put lots of time into to develop my skill. That being said, I love Animal Crossing:New Leaf and it’s almost the direct opposite to what I usually play – I’ve been playing it for perhaps half an hour/an hour a day and still feeling like I’ve accomplished lots. The game plays in real time, so unless you’re a big cheater when Tom Nook says your renovation will be done tomorrow morning he means tomorrow morning. Although at first I thought this would be frustrating it is a really nice feature and just enhances the focus upon taking your time and just chilling out while playing the game. I played the first installment ported to Europe on Gamecube and missed the ones in between then and now and there seems to have been a few features added but the game remains essentially the same. To be honest I only got New Leaf because of the 3DS ‘So Many Games!‘ promotion, but I’m glad i chose this title.

Firstly, Animal Crossing has dominated previous digital Nintendo sales on the 3DS Shop and has sold 4 million units to date; it also increased 3DS sales by 400%. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me. It seems rather unfair to write a review about the game this early – it is designed to be a very long-term game and most of the content reveals itself over time. For example, I’ve had the game for 4 days now and the ‘Tropical Island’ has only just been revealed to me (well, the Capp’n will be sailing in on the morning tide to pick me up) while with any other new game I’d have probably finished it in 4 days! An excellent feature of this title is that you are now the mayor of your own little town. When you move in you get to choose the name – nothing different here – but you also get to choose the layout from 3 different examples. After a few days and your town planning permit comes in you are then able to create ‘Town Planning Projects’ in which you can add things such as lamps, new shops, new bridges etc to your town. ‘Ordinances’ are also a fantastic idea; my favourites of the 4 are the ‘Night Owl’ and ‘Early Bird’ – if you are up and awake early in the morning but the rest of the residents aren’t or if you only find the time to play at night then these Ordinances will give your residents a kick up the backside and change their sleeping patterns to your liking!

I have not been to the Tropical Island yet but what I understand is that it is a place very different but also similar to the player’s town. The town is where you customize your house, tend to the flowers, rag at the trees in the hope of finding money or items (and inevitably getting stung by bees – repeatedly) and talk to your residents. The island is a place full of multiplayer minigames and the chance to catch different fish and bugs; the multiplayer features are not limited to the Island, though. As in any other Animal Crossing game you’re able to visit your friend’s towns to do whatever you like; ruin their flowers if you want to irritate them (no really, if anyone messed up my garden I’d get pretty mad) bring them gifts or just come for a chill!

Tweeting straight from the 3DS with Animal Crossing is also a very cool feature this is me after being a bit of a flower hog and grabbing all the plants in town! Just look at that cheeky smile. Animal Crossing is strangely exciting and fun in its own way; every time you play something different happens. Never thought I’d play hide and seek with an eagle, a horse and a duck but there you go! I definitely recommend it, the series is one of a kind really. It’s gripping while being childlike and adorable; if you’re considering it then give it a try! Somehow you don’t get bored with it even though there isn’t really anything to do, hats off to Nintendo once again.


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